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U.S. Customs Broker Exam Preparation Course

Course Information

This 10-week in-depth course is designed to prepare you for the Customs Brokers Licensing Exam given in April and October of each year.  It is held weekly via GoToMeeting with a live instructor. The sessions are recorded for students to view after each session. 

If you are planning to take the U.S. Customs Broker Exam, preparation is key as only a small percentage pass the test. The participants range from no experience to those having a Customs Broker License taking the course to update their industry knowledge.  Having no industry experience can often work to your benefit since you will be tested on the materials and not day to day operations. 

This course provides an extensive review of exam topics including:

  • Entry Requirements
  • Valuation
  • Classification
  • Country of Origin
  • USMCA and other Trade Agreements
  • Broker Responsibilities
  • FP&F
  • Protests
  • Marking
  • Prohibited & Restricted Merchandise
  • Antidumping/Countervailing Duty
  • Drawback
  • Intellectual Property Rights and More!

Previous examination questions are provided to familiarize you with the material covered and the format of the exam. Rigorous training in how to effectively research the exam questions within the time frame is also covered.

This course is taught by Norman W. Harris III, a Licensed Customs Broker and Certified Customs Specialist. He has been a licensed Customs Broker for more than 20 years and is the District Customs House Broker at NNR Global Logistics USA, Inc.

Cecilia Castellanos Scholarship
The Los Angeles Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association (LACBFFA) established a scholarship program in memory of one of our long-time members who served twice as the Association President, served in every other officer position, and on numerous committees during her tenure on the board of directors. The recipient of this scholarship will be able to attend the class at no cost (cost of class is $495), and the class materials will also be covered.

Click here to register for the summer 2024 course! 

July 16 to September 17, 2024 (every Tuesday, does not meet February 6)

Classes typically begin in July to prepare for the October exam, and January to prepare for the April exam.

More information about the Customs Broker Exam can be found at US Customs & Border Protection.

Student Testimonials


I would like to send you my sincere appreciation for the exam prep class earlier this year. Your class gave me a clear guideline and direction about taking the exam and fortunately I passed the exam with 65/80 ratio.

- Benjamin L.


It's official - I am a Licensed Customs Broker in the US! Now... I begin! Thank you to all who have gotten me here:

  • Norman W. Harris, III for showing me the ropes through your lectures and courses
  • Los Angeles Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association for believing in me and choosing me for the Cecilia Castellanos Scholarship Award

- James R.


Hi Norman,

I wanted to let you know that I took the April 2021 broker exam (my first time) and passed!

Couldn’t have done it without your class. Thank you so much!

- Amy L.


Hello Norman,

I just want to let you know that I passed the Oct. exam with a score of 85%. I went back to your course and listened to each a few times which helped me a lot.

Thank you so much!

- Qingyong S.


Dear Norman,

I passed the exam this time Oct 2023. Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate the way you help me all the time.

Thanks again for being my teacher and guide.

- Chandrika


Hello Norman,

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for your instruction, time, correspondence, patience, and encouragement throughout the CBLE prep course and leading up to the October 2023 Exam. I passed on my first attempt, with no prior Customs Brokerage experience (I am in Logistics Sales, so I have actually never looked at an entry form before now)!

I am so grateful to you and the course for the organized, methodical approach to learning such copious amounts of information. I am also very appreciative of your time spent answering my last emails before the exam.

- Hana K.


Hi Norman,

I passed the test! I got 70/80. Just wanted to thank you for your help on the exam. The class really helped a lot with the preparation and I wouldn’t have passed without the class. Thank you!!

- Joseph L.