• ATA Carnets are considered the gold standard for temporary exports! see more

    ATA Carnets: What Are They?

    How Do I Use One?

    Approved for 2.5 CCS/CES Credits


    Amanda Barlow

    Vice President, ATA Carnet

    Roanoke Insurance Group


    Understanding Temporary Imports and Exports with the ATA Carnet


    An ATA Carnet is an international customs document that provides duty-free customs clearance for temporary imports and exports into over 100 countries. ATA Carnet simplifies temporary entry by eliminating the need to post a temporary import bond or file a duty drawback. Virtually all goods, whether hand carried or cargo-shipped, may be covered by ATA Carnets. ATA Carnets are considered the gold standard for temporary exports!


    This ATA Carnet workshop is designed with freight forwarders and customs brokers in mind and will help you understand all the ins and outs of the ATA Carnet. The workshop will cover the following:


    • USCBP clearance of both U.S and foreign ATA Carnets to ensure the proper execution of the ATA Carnet for your customers
    • How to avoid the misuse of an ATA Carnet and how to resolve any errors before they become a Customs claim, including the right color-coded pages and dealing with erroneous stamps
    • Best practices to mitigate a Customs claim from USCBP or foreign Customs
    • Managing split shipments, partial shipments and transit operations
    • Replacing lost or stolen documents and managing theft of the goods while on ATA Carnet
    • ATA Carnet country-specific requirements and nuances
    • Extending the validity period beyond the first year
    • Dealing with the sale of goods while entered on an ATA Carnet
    • Understand the basics of Lost Document Coverage and ATA Carnet Cargo Insurance
    • The latest exemption status and interpretation for ISF, EEI filings and other government agency requirements
    • How to add ATA Carnet to your suite of services to grow your customer relationships


    Thursday, March 7, 2019 Holiday Inn
    Registration: 8:00 AM 19800 S. Vermont Avenue
    Workshop:  8:30 – 11:00 AM Torrance, CA 90502


    Sponsorships are available!


    Registration begins at 8:00 AM

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