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Regular Membership

The regular membership of the Association shall not be limited as to number, but may include only, and shall be restricted to, firms or corporations regularly and primarily engaged in business as licensed customs brokers, accredited freight forwarders and NVOCC's at the Regional Customs Seaports and Regional International Airports. Such firms or corporations shall be admitted for membership as business firms only, and in all matters coming before the Association, only one (1) vote will be permitted to each member.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership shall be restricted to persons, firms or corporations not licensed Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, or NVOCC’s, but engaged in a business related to transportation or international trade services. Affiliate Members may attend general membership meetings at the discretion of the President or the Board, but may not vote or hold office. No Affiliate Member may utilize the membership in a manner contrary to the policy of the Association. Affiliate Members must use the word "Affiliate" to describe membership in the Association in all printed material, advertisements, and/or publications.

Subscription Services

With the full implementation by Customs & Border Protection (CBP) of Remote Location Filing, Customhouse brokers, not permitted in the CBP Los Angeles District, make entry and interact with CBP in this Customs District.

At the same time, outbound enforcement has increased the need by forwarders, licensed and located in other Customs Districts, for clarification of local export procedures along with contact information of appropriate parties, both within CBP and other government agencies.

Firms meeting the criteria for regular membership excluding physical presence in the designed CBP Los Angeles District can benefit from the work, educational and advocacy activities of the LACBFFA. For these companies and individuals (brokers, freight forwarders and NVOCCs, not-permitted in the Los Angeles Customs District) the association offers, on a subscription basis, its regular email notifications, including notification of LACBFFA’s workshops, classes, conferences and other activities, plus access to the membership section on the LACBFFA website for a rate of $200 per year.

Applications will be reviewed by the LACBFFA Board at its monthly board meetings.