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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 News


LA County - Schedule a COVID-19 Test
Public Warehouses
FEMA ACS Warm Sites/Fact Sheets
Public Bulletin LA20-006 Communicating with FP&F During COVID-19 Pandemic
CBP Contact Information
City of Long Beach COVID-19 Testing
COVID-19 Testing for Port Workers

CBP CSMS COVID-19 Information

CSMS #42448725 - Information for Filing Personal Protective Equipment and Medical Devices During COVID-19

CSMS #42459926 - CBP Frequently Asked Questions for 90 Day Postponement of Payment for the Deposit of Certain Estimated Duties, Taxes, and Fees

CSMS #42364745 - Information on New COVID-19 Relief Imports Web Portal

FDA COVID-19 Information

Due to the large number of inquiries that FDA and CBP have been receiving on importing medical products under one of the guidance documents or an Emergency Use Authorization, we have set up the following email addresses for importers, manufacturers, or brokers to get answers directly from FDA's Subject Matter Experts: 


For more information, please visit the following links to FDA's COVID-19 website: