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Los Angeles CFS Stations

Name Telephone Code Website
A-1 COLD STORAGE & HANDLING, INC. 310-348-1000 Z625 Visit Site
ABLE FREIGHT SERVICES, INC. 310-568-8883 Z479 Visit Site
AIT WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS, INC. (CFS) 310-766-8300 Z894 Visit Site
ASIANA EXPRESS CORPORATION (CFS) 310-642-0322 Z508 Visit Site
ATLAS MARINE, INC. 562-437-3553 Z419 Visit Site
FORWARD AIR, INC. 310-355-1440 W059 Visit Site
GREAT CENTRAL TRANSPORT INC. (CFS) 310-764-4000 N/A Visit Site
IMPERIAL CFS, INC. (CFS) 310-768-8188 Z165 Visit Site
J & J INT'L TRUCKING OF CA,(CFS) 310-348-7300 Z085 Visit Site
NOVA TRANSPORTATION (CFS) 310-525-2142 Y131 Visit Site
PRICE TRANSFER (CFS-1) 310-639-6074 Y140 Visit Site
SHIPPERS TRANSPORT EXPRESS 562-495-8612 Z773 Visit Site
ST. GEORGE WAREHOUSING CO. (CFS) 310-764-4395 Y292 Visit Site
TOLL GLOBAL 310-241-6400 WAH5 Visit Site
UNIVERSAL WAREHOUSE (CFS) 310-631-0800 Y360 Visit Site
YAMATO TRANSPORT USA (CFS) 310-885-5630 Z741 Visit Site
YUSEN AIR AND SEA SERVICE (CFS) 310-782-0095 Z913 Visit Site