Participating Government Agencies



Responsible for being the liaison with all other government agencies (except CBP & FMC) and trade, addressing various local issues during meetings held with the Agencies. Regular Members welcome.

Barbara Clarke, Williams Clarke Company (Chair)
Nicole Hess, ME Dey & Company
Erica Lindsay, AIT TAHIPO LLC
Andrew Park, Binex Line Corporation
Abhilasha Sapre, Swift CARGO INC.
Kris Lowery, Premiere Customs Brokers
Gary French, Express Customs Service
Karen Quintana, Yusen Logistics Americas
Mike Choi, MKC Customs Brokers International
Rod Flegenheimer, Flegenheimer International Inc
Pat Vangtan, DB Schenker
Roger Clarke, Williams Clarke Company, Inc.
Hazel Cua-Ing, Flegenheimer International
Sonia Medina, Flegenheimer International
Elizabeth Esparza, Western Overseas Corporation
Maurine Cecil, Western Overseas Corporation
Marisa Ramos, Albatrans
Mikel Hong, Frontier Logistics Services
Daniel Palmer, Toll Global Forwarding
Patty Rodriguez, J & K FRESH LLC
Sandra Langford-Coty, A.N. Deringer